“Where Can I Sell My Car in Sydney?” 

Posted On August 25th, 2019


Here are a Few Tips

Sydney is a hub of major world trends. We had popular vegan restaurants way before veganism became mainstream in 2019. There were cab services like GoCatch that was hoping to be a ride-sharing app, way before people became Uber-friendly all over the world.

The same way, Sydney is becoming increasingly fitness-friendly by creating bicycle-friendly tracks, ramps in buildings to give more access to cyclists and even provide better accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

With this rapid increase in cyclists, the sight of people wearing pant-suits riding bicycles does not remain an absurd sight for Sydney-siders. This has, fortunately, changed how Sydney’s car market has been operating now. As much as the car sales have been going up in recent years, the second-hand and used car market has also been doing well in terms of the number of cars they are buying and re-selling now. With a strong force for the circular economy, junk car buyers and scrap car sellers have also started to link up. This is beginning to create lesser waste and prevent End-of-Life vehicles from going into the landfills because they are being recycled!

But WHERE can you find these car buyers who will take away your cars and never ever get back in touch with you?

A free car removal service that will pick your car up and also pay you cash for a junk car is the solution to your car sales problem! Pacific Cash for Cars is a car removal service that does exactly that! They have a provision to give you all your services for free, and they also pay cash to buy cars, all over Sydney.

“Why Should I Sell My Car to a Removal Service?”

When you sell your car to a car removal service, the car buyer then uses it for their own production. Usually, companies like Pacific Cash for Cars take your vehicles and transform them by recycling the cars into scrap metal. But do you know how the decision is made as to whether your vehicle is going to be recycled, reused or resold?

The condition of your vehicle is the determining factor when you sell your car to a car removal company.


  • If your car is new, has been barely used simply a second-hand car, then it might not go into scrap, and will be used to be fixed and then resold. Second-hand and used car buyers in Sydney will buy your car and then resell it to any interested person or company who wants to use it to drive it, or as a cab service.
  • If your vehicle is either damaged, broken, accidental or seriously injured, where it cannot be used as a complete car again, then your vehicle will probably be wrecked. Auto dismantlers in Sydney like Pacific Cash for Cars will buy your vehicle to wreck your car and use the parts to sell in the second-hand car parts market.
  • If your vehicle is in a junk or scrap condition, then a scrap car buyer or a car wrecker will scrap it and recycle it into scrap metal. This scrap metal is used to create other products and can even be exported to other states or countries for production processes.


Selling to a car wrecker in Sydney is a more responsible and eco-friendly way of getting rid of your car FAST.
Pacific Cash for Cars makes sure that all their processes are safe and environmentally friendly. If you are interested in getting top cash for cars up to $8999 for your old, unwanted vehicle, then get in touch with Pacific Cash for Cars customer care executives TODAY on 0497 222 000.