Cash for Scrap Cars

Pacific Cash for Cars pays “highest amount cash for scrap cars” it can be any scrap vehicles. Give us a call for an instant cash quote and to schedule a same day car removal.

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Don’t let your vehicle end up in a landfill or open plot, creating hazards to our environment. Give us a call and we’ll

make you a cash offer up to $5999. How? Because we know the value of your vehicle’s parts, metals, and steel.

cash for scrap cars Sydney

Get instant cash for old scrap cars for up to [sitecash]

Sell Your Scrap Car For Cash Today

In days gone by, getting cash for your scrap car may not have been possible. Today that is no longer the case. Pacific Cash for Cars is a scrap car wrecker that keeps the green in the environment, as well as puts it into your pocket. When you sell your scrap car to Pacific Cash for Cars, you sell your vehicle to a removal company that doesn’t waste precious metals our of your vehicle, steel or parts that can be refurbished. We believe in healthy car disposals and the most cash for our customers. This is why you’ll find us wrecking and recycling the most out of your scrap car. That’s how we pay top cash for scrap cars dollars. By wrecking and recycling your vehicle.

Free Scrap Car Removals

At Pacific Cash for Cars, our customers aren’t required to bring their vehicle to us at any time during the process of selling their auto. We make our scrap car buying system one that is convenient and quick. We make our cash offers over the telephone or through our web page, and the owner simply accepts or rejects our offer. Should they accept, they can then schedule a free scrap car removal in Sydney. When our car technician arrives, he’ll arrive with the necessary paperwork and cash to make the sale of the vehicle final. The process takes less than an hour to complete. Fast, Efficient and Reliable thats wahat PACIFIC is known for. Cash For Scrap Cars Sydney is a part of Pacific group

We Buy More Than Scrap Cars!

At Pacific Cash for Cars, we buy all types of scrap vehicles:

  • Have a Scrap Truck? We’ll buy it!
  • Have a Damaged Van? We’ll buy it!
  • Have an Accident SUV? We’ll buy it!
  • Have a Wrecked 4×4? We’ll buy it!
  • Have an Old Ute? We’ll buy it!

Whatever type of motor vehicle you have, running or not, we’ll buy it. Just contact us and you could have up to $5999 put in your hands at the time we come to remove your vehicle for free.

We are a car removal company that quotes fair prices on vehicles because we know the value of autos. Scrap car offers will be accurately valued based on various factors like the weight and condition as well as parts with precious metals under the hood.

How’s It Work?

Quite simply! At Pacific Cash for Cars, you simply contact us one of the two methods below:

  • Call us at 0497 222 000
  • Complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.
  • Accept our offer and move onto step four, or reject the offer and we’ll politely say goodbye.
  • Schedule a free car removal in Sydney.
  • Collect our cash offer amount!

That simple, that quick.

Our Service Areas

At Pacific Cash for Cars, we service the greater Sydney region with free scrap car removals. Should you live outside of our service area and like to schedule a free removal, please contact us over the phone, so we can determine whether we can service your area.

Contact Us Today

For more information on our car removals, or to get a quick quote, simply give us a ring at the number below.

Call us at 0497 222 000 

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