How To Sell Your Car For Cash in Sydney

Do you have an old junk car or a broken-down UTE that is so beyond repair even your top mechanic friend can’t fix it? You might be tempted to drive it as long as it lasts, assuming the car even starts! But what to do with your junk car in a city where it is hard to sell running cars let alone one that doesn’t even move? Sell it for some quick cash to Pacific Cash For Cars! We make the process of selling junk cars in Sydney as easy as it can be. It only consists of 2 simple steps:

What kind of junk car are you selling?

Are you driving a Toyota Camry because of your long commute on the M1? Maybe you were content with a Mazda Miata so you could go up the Old Pacific Highway and do some laps in the twisty roads. Whatever it may be, if the car doesn’t have much left in it, we will pay cash for it. All you need to do is tell us the year, make, and model to get it started. Next will be the car’s documentation – whether it is registered and etc. Don’t hold back, we buy junk cars of any condition and type such as trucks, SUVS and etc.

Accept our instant cash offer

If you like our cash offer (we guarantee to offer the best amount) and accept it, we’ll start the car removal process right away. Give us your contact details and the location of the car and the rest will be handled by our professional team. Don’t worry about driving it to our scrap yard because we can come to you. We have a large fleet of trucks that can load your old car and get it to us – you won’t have to lift a finger except for counting the cash we just paid you! We usually pick your car and make the payment on the very same day you call us.

How much is my car worth in Sydney?

The most common question we get and for fair reasons – everyone wants to get the maximum cash possible for their belongings and this applies to cars as well. It is, however, a tough question to answer because the price is dependent on many factors. Without going into much detail, we separate cars into 3 groups:

Junk cars that are beyond repair and a good fit for scraping:

These are the cars that you visualise when you hear the term junk car – an abandoned vehicle that is rusted and rotting in some hidden place. This type of cars are mostly recycled for the raw material that they have left. Pricing on these cars is actually  based more on the size and weight of it rather than its running condition and working parts. You might expect anywhere from $50 to $500 for your junk car that is in a similar situation.

Not a total junk but won’t drive very far either

One could call them junk cars but the difference is that they might have some parts that can still be taken away and used. Instead of crushing them away as the first thing, Pacific Cash For Cars yard will break it down and part it out. Usable parts will be taken away, added to inventory and rest of the car will be crushed and turned into scrap metal. These cars will get a fair amount of cash to your hands.

Far from a junk

You may have an old car that drives alright – not the most comfortable and keeps you in the mechanic all the time but nevertheless drives you from A to B. If it is time to sell it but can’t find any buyers, don’t worry. Pacific Cash For Cars values these cars very highly and offer good cash. Rather looking at parts or its weight for pricing, we actually look at the market prices and offer you the ideal cash amount for the car’s condition.

  • We buy your car or truck for scrapping regardless of its condition (roadworthy or junk).
  • We pay cash.
  • No towing fee.


Why Choose us?

There are many cash for car removal services in Sydney but we believe you should choose us – wonder why?


We are a team of professionals from different backgrounds, with varied and complementary skills. But our will is common: to pay top dollar for your unwanted car, whatever the situation your car is in.


We and our partners operate according to our confidentiality charter and our code of ethics that we will sign with you.


From our initial training, our 15 years of professional experience in the field of car removal, and our specializations in combined car removal, car scrapping and parting out we can help you get rid of your vehicle while getting you paid.


We have a range of tools and techniques that allow us to offer solutions tailored to your needs

When you are ready to sell your car for top dollar, give the team at Pacific Cash for Cars a call, and we’ll make you an instant cash offer.

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