How to get rid of your trucks

Posted On June 28th, 2019

Used Truck Removal in Sydney for Free

Do you have a used car at home? Is it lying around, serving absolutely no purpose at all? It’s your time to shine! There is an organisation that could benefit from your used vehicle, in Sydney. There is no need to be confused, only amazed! We are a truck removal company in Sydney that offers free truck removal for all types of trucks. If you think you are likely to sell your truck, you can give us a quick call to 0497 222 000. There is also another way you can get in touch with us, online. We understand if you do not have the time to indulge in a conversation with our customer care services, so we have enabled an online quote form which is easy for you to fill up in your free time. You will then receive a call from Pacific Cash for Cars customer care agents that will help you get through the process of used truck removal in Sydney, within 24 hours or less.

We can give you all our information on our website. But if you prefer finding out from a real person, you can always give us a call and ask for a quick chat with our staff. Read on to find out all about the most reliable used truck removal services in Sydney!

Truck Wreckers in Sydney

Wreckers are specialists in the automobile industry that wreck a truck for the parts. These parts are used by these car sellers to sell to used parts markets. Since original car and truck parts are a little on the expensive side, car owners prefer buying parts of their vehicles from such markets. Pacific Cash for Cars is a genuine truck wrecker in Sydney that wrecks the parts of the truck and then proceeds to recycle the rest of the vehicle. Now, this makes it more beneficial for us to buy your truck! This is how we can pay you instant cash for used truck in Sydney with ease.

Sell Your Unwanted Truck in New South Wales

It might not be easy to find a buyer for your used truck in NSW. But you need not worry because we are ready to buy your used truck right now! Yes, you read that right! All our pickups (which are free, by the way) happen within 24 hours or less. Dumping your unwanted vehicles is illegal and can cost you a hefty fine easily. Whether you dump it on a wasteland or on someone else’s property, it is not the right, ethical or legal thing to do. Do more with less, and get your truck out of your house with just ONE phone call.

We Buy Trucks of All Types

Whether your vehicle is old, trash, junk, scrap or damaged, we are ready to pick it up. We have no restrictions on the kind of vehicles we can collect because we can scrap or resell each one. This is the most liberating benefit to know and realise that we are helping the world get rid of all kinds of trash, especially because the vehicles that we collect would have otherwise been thrown out. This is a big part of the motivation our entire team shares, to make Sydney the beauteous place it used to be, again. 

Get a Free Quote with Instant Cash Payment for Your Used Truck

We have free cash offers for you given to you instantly when you call us. Our top dollar offers to you are made for your scrap trucks, irrespective of the make, model and condition. The free quote is offered to you after a free valuation for your truck has been done by our customer care on the phone. We do the quickest evaluation of any vehicle simply based on our knowledge of the market and the vehicles.

Sell Your Junk Truck for Cash

We buy trucks for sale every day. If you have booked an appointment with us for your junk truck removal, please confirm with us once when the driver calls you before the pickup.

The process is simple and completely hassle-free. Why do we call ourselves the most reliable used truck removal company? Because our customers call us so. Our vision has been motivated completely because of the customers that have been so kind as to give us constructive feedback. Our customer-centric vision is laser-sharp, and we make sure all our activities and policies are created around that. This is the reason a simple, easy to understand and fast process has been designed to make this process as efficient as possible. We make sure you are comfortably at peace with the process and have fully understood our functioning before you choose us.


You can get in touch with our team by calling us on 0497 222 000 now!

You can book an appointment with us for a later date, or time, too! If you are not available for a pickup as of now, we can arrange a better time for pickup. Just let us know on the call when you call us. If you apply online, we will call you and it is best to give us your booking information then. You will be asked for your address or the location that the vehicle is in. It is important for us to know the location before-hand as it gives us an idea of who to allocate the work to. Give us your correct location for the best experience, and also for the fastest service!