Three problems with the electrics that appear in the fall

Posted On December 9th, 2019

In autumn, when the weather is rapidly changing, the electrical equipment of cars can throw up unpleasant surprises. Before the cold season, wiring and sensors should be checked.

Precipitation of all kinds, dampness, salt, water and frost are the most cunning enemies of the car, which most often work quietly, but irreversibly. When weather conditions change, and at night the temperature drops, the car can hardly start or unexpectedly stall.

Drives and electronic sensors are very vulnerable in the wet season. Failures in the electrics affect the other components responsible for the safety of the vehicle. In addition, with the onset of the first autumn cold weather, car owners are faced with fogging windows, problems with headlights, a failed AC and many other minor breakdowns. Therefore, before the cold season, the car must be diagnosed and prepared.

High voltage and blown fuses

In the autumn, high-voltage wires require special attention, failures of which at high humidity threaten interruptions in the operation of the engine. If there are damage or cracks on the wires, they must be replaced without waiting for breakdowns and short circuits. Many modern cars require a special tool to access the wires and some skills to replace them.

If the car is equipped with “heavy” options for electrical equipment, such as heating mirrors, seats and a windshield, electric sunroofs, seats or the boot, then their wiring should also be checked. Frequent replacement of fuses should also be very cautious – a clear sign that not everything is smooth with the wiring.

Do not forget about the serviceability of control devices and bulbs. Their proper operation will prevent more serious disturbances in the operation of complex vehicle systems. It is difficult to independently verify them; it is better to use special equipment at the service station.

Problems with battery and alternator

Autumn is a time of cold nights and frosts, and it is at this time that you need to pay special attention to the battery. In the case of the new one, it will be enough to carry out preventive charging, but it is better to replace the old battery with a depleted resource, otherwise one morning the car simply will not start.

The headlight beam should be checked and adjusted before the fall season, so that later in poor road conditions you will not encounter poor visibility and dazzle oncoming ones. And it is precisely in the fall that the serviceability of fog lights becomes especially important. On many models, they can also be configured: foglights should shine low, illuminating the road directly under the fog.


What to do with cars that have unrepairable electronics?

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