Parking Sensors on Cars

Posted On November 18th, 2019

In modern cities, finding a parking space is becoming increasingly difficult, and parking a car in a limited space is even more difficult. It’s good when you have a friend with you who can help you safely park the car and not hit any other car. An alternative solution is an electronic parking assistance system or parking sensors.

What is it and how does it work

Parktronic is a sensor system that helps drivers maneuver in tight spaces. Studying parking sensors  can distinguish the following elements:

  • sensors (from two to ten) – “scan” the space in front of the bumpers and form a signal;
  • electronic control unit – the brain of the system, which on the basis of a signal from sensors provides information about the absence or presence of an obstacle and the distance to it;
  • warning system (light, less often sound) – is installed in the cabin and informs the driver about the distance to the obstacle in the form of a graphic scale or the frequency of the sounds made.

LED indicators can be in two variations of execution – in the form of a scale with several divisions or in the form of a digital display indicating the distance to the object.

The optimum number of sensors

The effectiveness of the parking sensors largely depends on the number of sensors. Most budget systems are equipped with 2-3 sensors, however, these parking sensors are already considered obsolete. This amount is not enough to work with all blind spots. The optimal solution is considered to be a 2-4 circuit (two sensors in the front and four in the rear bumper). Such an arrangement is characterized by ease of use and sufficient information. With such a parking sensor, the parking process is greatly facilitated, even on clogged streets and venues.

In luxury cars, systems with 8 and even 10 sensors are installed. They allow you to detect almost any obstacle, even quite small. However, too high sensitivity of the parking sensors can become a problem, since the system will respond even to minor obstacles and mislead the driver. As a rule, such models have a shutdown function, so as not to confuse while driving on the road.

How to choose parking sensors

When making a choice of parking sensors, it is necessary to focus not only on the cost of the device but also on key parameters. These include the type and number of sensors used, their sensitivity, types of alerts and ease of use. Please note that some systems require qualified installation personnel, others can be installed independently in your garage.

In general, parking sensors are a very convenient thing, especially for inexperienced drivers. This assistant is also useful for owners of large SUVs and minivans. In urban conditions, parking such cars are quite difficult, even with many years of experience. Parktronic will avoid accidents and damage to the body.

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