Motor oil for cars: everything you need to know about it

Posted On November 18th, 2019

The modern market offers many different engine oils for cars, so every driver often has to deal with the question of choice. Advertising should not be trusted, because what it says may not be true. It is necessary to figure out what the marking of engine oil means, as well as which viscosity class to give preference to.

 Motor oil viscosity: how not to miscalculate?

Each motorist needs to learn one very important fact: although all the oils differ in a very large number of different indicators, and they are given in the technical specification, still, the main ones are only two. Firstly, there should be a correspondence of the engine oil in quality, since it may not be suitable for this car. And secondly, it’s about viscosity. And this applies not only to the upcoming season, oil may simply not be suitable for this climate.

An indicator of the international standard SAE regulates the viscosity of oils. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to immediately look at this data. After the letters SEO there are numbers and another letter, and they characterize viscosity. For example, if the letter W is there, it means that we are talking about winter engine oil. But keep in mind that according to such a standard as SAE J300 there are as many as 6 winter viscosity grades. But summer engine oil has only numbers on the marking, without any letter. If the machine is used year-round, then you need to take multigrade oil. Here, the viscosity designation is of this kind: SAE 10W30, where the first digits refer to the winter indicator, and the last to summer.

Mixing engine oils: yes or no?

Sometimes car owners ask if motor oils can be mixed, or will this not lead to anything good? By the way, even experienced drivers often ask him. To find the answer to it, you need to consider that oils, no matter what manufacturer they are, are divided into three groups:

– synthetics where only artificial consistency is present;

– mineral water from natural products;

– semi-synthetics, where artificial and natural products are mixed.

If the package is  Fully Synthetic, then this means that with the help of such oil the machine can be started even in the most severe frost. 

Since semi-synthetics exist on the market, we can immediately say that motor oils are allowed to be mixed. But you need to do this competently. If this is mineral oil, then it can be mixed without problems with semi-synthetics. Although synthetics are suitable, but only on the basis of PAO. And synthetics are mixed with mineral oil, but the type of lubricant must be polyester or glycolic. If the package is abbreviated as API or ACEA, then such oils can be safely mixed.

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