How to sell your car easily?

Posted On November 12th, 2019

The sale of a car is an act that occurs for most individuals at some point in their lives. The amount collected for this sale is usually used to buy another vehicle. It is therefore important that this sale is made in the best conditions, at a price that is not disadvantageous for the seller but also through the respect of many constraints, usually administrative, related to this act which is far from to be innocuous.

For all these reasons, starting to sell your vehicle can sometimes be particularly discouraging. Once the price is established, the buyer found, there is a large number of papers that must be taken care of, which takes a time that everyone does not benefit! Nevertheless, it is now possible to sell your car quickly and in the best conditions thanks to some intermediaries who take care of the most time-consuming and most restrictive stages.

The stages of the sale

Let’s see what are the central stages in the sale of a car and what are the solutions that exist so that these modalities can be realized as quickly as possible, but also in the best possible conditions.

Price estimation

The first logical step in selling your vehicle is price estimation! This is a task not so simple as it seems at first sight. Indeed, the value of a car varies according to a large number of criteria: the year of putting into circulation, the mileage, the various equipment … What is more, the buyer is often very well informed on the reality of the market and will have no qualms about offering a price below the selling price. There follows a negotiation that requires a good argument from the seller to justify its selling price and a good spread for all counter-arguments that the buyer would submit. Each vehicle, depending on its year of entry into circulation, its equipment and its overall condition, has a rating that gives a very accurate idea of ​​the real value of the vehicle compared to the rest of the automotive market. There are many car sales sites to establish an estimate necessary for sale and recognized for years by both individuals but also by all automotive professionals. This is already a quick first way to get an idea of ​​the ideal selling price!

Endless paperwork

One of the anxieties that can be caused by the sale of a vehicle from individual to individual clearly concerns all that is administrative. The sale of a car is very framed and requires many papers that attest to the buyer, for example, the state of operation of the vehicle but also from public institutions that the sale was conducted in good and due form. You will, therefore, have to think about filling in declarations of assignment including a copy to send to the prefecture, but also a certificate of non-pledge, or your insurance contract and the vehicle registration certificate to be updated. So many tasks that can often be hard work! It must be borne in mind that different deadlines are required for sending of a particular document to a particular public institution or to carry out a given procedure. For example, the technical inspection must have been done less than six months before the sale. Another example: the declaration of assignment must be sent within fifteen days of the sale.

What if your car isn’t selling because of its condition?

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