How long before your car becomes scrap?

Posted On November 11th, 2019

There are many myths about the lifespan of a car. If the less adventurous prefer to change vehicles after 100 to 150,000 kilometres, other more adventurous drivers try the take the vehicle up to 400 or even 500,000 kilometres. How far can you push your odometer before your four-wheeled companion goes to sleep and taken to scrap yard?
With the economy being what it is, it becomes more and more difficult to change cars regularly. Choosing a reliable brand that offers robust vehicles is, therefore, common sense. In the list of the most reliable brands, you can choose between Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda and some European brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Maintenance and use: factors to consider

The maintenance and use factors should be taken into account in this analysis. For example, luxury car owners tend to pamper their car, which will naturally live longer. A vehicle that is not used every day will also have a significantly longer life. A car driving on the highway or only in the city will be more durable than another that will drive on country roads all day long.
The frequency of maintenance is a factor of longevity very important as well as the choice of spare parts. A user who scrupulously respects the maintenance program recommended by the manufacturer will have no trouble in keeping his car after 200,000 or 300,000 kilometres. Premature wear often comes from the lack of monitoring of maintenance and the exposure of the vehicle to the sun, rain or salt if you live by the sea. The use of original car parts to replace defective parts effectively lengthens the life of a car.

Diesel or Gas?

When selecting your car, the choice of the engine will be essential. The diesel car has the reputation of being significantly more durable than a gasoline car. This is because diesel engines run less quickly and wear less quickly. However, this theory is no longer valid today. Engine engineers have made many modifications to diesel engines to achieve ultra-sharp engines, with innovative technologies to increase power. However, these changes tend to alter the reliability and longevity of diesel cars, which require much more maintenance than gasoline cars.
Be aware that cars with large displacement have a longer life. The peripheral organs of the large cylinders are oversized and are more inclined to support kilometres. In addition, their engine runs slower and wears more slowly.
The life of a car depends largely on your choice, use and maintenance. There are vehicles that run out of steam after 50,000 kilometres while others are healthy after 300,000 kilometres and even more!

What to do when your car finally dies?

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