Get your old car recycled

Posted On November 11th, 2019

Each year, thousands of vehicles becomes useless and get the name junk. Is recycling an option? What to do with these cars at the end of their life?

When the last owner of a car decides to get rid of it, he cannot just abandon it in the wild or throw it into a river or ravine like it used to be.

Indeed, an old vehicle contains many toxic and polluting products ( liquids or solids ): oil, battery, air conditioning fluid , explosive elements of the airbags, etc. Treated in poor conditions, these wastes can lead to soil and water pollution and accidents. Abandoned junk cars are therefore considered as hazardous waste.

An approved car scraper for safe recycling

In addition, a large number of items are recoverable and recyclable, in the form of used spare parts or raw materials.

It is therefore necessary to use an approved car removal in Sydney such as Pacific Cash For Cars. It has the necessary facilities for the dismantling and recycling of vehicles in complete safety and avoiding the pollution and nuisance. That is why people are always encouraged to sell wrecked cars to junk yards.

Scrapped  car parts can experience a second life in the automotive field. Scrap yards will use the still functional parts of your car to top up their inventory. Some boast more than a million pieces for sale to their customers. It only makes sense for people to get cash for cars they own but no longer use.

The auto recycling is an important sector, because without it, thousands of disused vehicles retroactive in nature. This is truly an environmental issue. Indeed, without recycling, toxic materials would spread anywhere: oil drain, air conditioning fluid, battery … Without proper care, these toxic elements are released into the ground and can spill in the waters, with disastrous consequences for the environment and our health.

The recycling cycle ends with the repackaging of scrap and delivery for individuals or craftsmen and manufacturers. Your old car out of use contributes to the protection of the environment. Scrap is used as a raw material by professionals. We know it is painful to see your car scrapped. Yet you are rewarded daily with your green gesture and the cash you get for your car.

When you work with Pacific Cash For Cars to get your car scrapped and recycled, you’ll get paid on the spot the day of pick-up. Our representative will inspect the vehicle, grab the keys, and finalise the payment. Smooth and quick and reliable.

For all your car disposal or car removal services, Pacific Cash For Cars is always there – just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.