Car suspension: why is it needed?

Posted On November 18th, 2019

Vehicle safety depends on many components. But the suspension occupies a particularly important place, which increases the smoothness of the vehicle. The driver needs to know how the car’s suspension works and what function it performs. This will help determine its malfunction.

 Suspension purpose

Among all the nodes in the car, many elements are invisible, but they play an important role. This can be said about the suspension. The driver can forget about her existence for a while. But she will let herself know when she will have to drive along a rough road, with potholes and potholes. At its core, car suspension elements are a set of glands, the purpose of which is as follows: to connect the wheels to the body in such a way as to create convenient and comfortable movement.

The suspension is designed to perform several functions:

– moving wheels;

– movement of the wheels;

– elasticity on bumps.

As for the movement, it is not only about turning left and right – the front suspension must cope with this task. This assembly should help move the wheels up and down. After all, driving is not always necessary on smooth roads. And this is the responsibility of not only the front but also the rear suspension.

 The most important elements in the suspension

It is not necessary to assume that the same suspension is installed on all cars. In fact, this node is distinguished by its diversity. And this means that you need to know the characteristics of the suspension of the car, which will simplify the choice. For example, which options to choose when driving dynamically? In this case, a stiffer suspension, which is most often installed on sports cars, is more suitable. But in most cases it is soft, they put it on different cars. Here are just driving a vehicle worse than with a stiffer suspension. If you need adjustable stiffness, then you need to think about a screw suspension.

And what are the most important elements in the suspension? Perhaps there are two of them, and we are talking about shock absorbers, as well as ball bearings. They fulfill the most important role when driving on rough roads. Just ball joints and shock absorbers are subjected to the greatest load if at a speed you have to drive through a bump. Therefore, you need to choose the right wheels for the wheels. If they are forged, then the impact on the suspension at high speed will be more significant. It must be borne in mind that this auto node can be either dependent or independent. In the first case, a rigid beam is used, and in the second, the main role is played by levers. It must be remembered that there are pros and cons to both the dependent and the independent suspension. 


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