Multi function steering wheel

A multifunctional steering wheel (also known as a multifunctional steering wheel or multi-steering wheel ) provides control of various vehicle systems directly from the steering wheel. When using the multifunctional steering wheel, the driver does not take his hands off the steering wheel and does not take his eyes off the road, thereby achieving comfort and safety. Currently, the multifunctional steering wheel is widely used in cars, trucks and sports cars.

The multifunction steering wheel can be used to control the audio system, navigation system, telephone, trip computer (information system), voice control system, air recirculation, cruise control.


The specific list of controlled systems, the algorithm for managing them, as well as the composition and location of the control buttons, is determined by each automaker independently and may differ even within the same model.

The steering wheel audio system offers search and switching radio stations, volume control. If the car has a full-time navigation system, individual navigation control functions are carried out on the steering wheel.

Most demanded are the functions of controlling the phone from the steering wheel. It is understandable, almost every driver has a mobile phone and sometimes uses it without stopping. From the steering wheel, you call the phone menu and search for subscribers in the phone book, turn on the speakerphone mode and answer calls, adjust the communication volume.

Many cars are equipped with an on-board computer, which provides various traffic information (fuel consumption, mileage, range, etc.). To quickly obtain information, the onboard computer control buttons are displayed on the steering wheel. With their help, you can move up (down) through the menu, open (close) applications, and return to the highest level.

voice activation button is placed on the multifunction steering wheel. In some cars, the steering wheel controls the forced air recirculation mode in the passenger compartment.

More recently, cruise control was carried out on the multifunction steering wheel, namely turning on (off), setting the speed, accelerating (decelerating) the car. Active implementation of adaptive cruise control has led to a reduction in these functions.

Structurally, the multifunctional steering wheel, in addition to traditional elements – an audio signal, an airbag module, a steering angle sensor, includes a block of control buttons, connecting wires and a control unit.

The control buttons are located on the right and left on the steering wheel spokes. The number and location of buttons are determined by the list of controlled systems, the make and model of the car. The optimal at present is a twelve- button multifunction steering wheel, on which six buttons are installed on the right and left.

To expand the functionality of the button can be replaced by a control wheel, which in addition to pressing offers a scroll mode. This approach is implemented in a number of Audi car models.

Depending on the design of the multi-function steering wheel, the signals from the buttons are transmitted via connecting wires to the control unit or directly via the buses to the vehicle’s control systems. Despite the presence of mechanical contacts in the buttons, the multifunction steering wheel provides a high-speed response to input commands.


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