How to sell a car in Sydney | Tips

Buying a car has never been an investment, be it new or used. Any homeowner knows that the asset will have its devaluation and its costs such as maintenance, insurance and others.

Even so, making the best deal possible in buying and selling can decrease the value lost considerably. Small details can make a difference in whether or not the person interested takes the vehicle you are advertising, and they range from the presentation of the car to the way you conduct the negotiation.

If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, there are several ways to do this. And this variety of options makes many wonder which one to choose. Should I sell my car privately or in a dealer? If you decide to do it yourself, what are the steps I should take to get the best price? And what care is important for a safe sale?

The first thing you need to decide is whether to sell your vehicle privately or not. And this is an important decision because there are considerable differences between the two types of sales. Here’s the pros and cons of each and decide, based on your situation, which option is best:


This type of sale is the most sought after by those who need a fast deal. You don’t have to worry about an ad, just take your vehicle for an appraisal and decide if you want to leave your car for that amount. But be prepared: The seller will offer much (but much) below what you expect, especially if you are targeting the list price.

The reason for this is simple. By placing your car in a store, you add one more part that needs to profit from that sale. As the final value may not go up so much, what changes is how much they will offer you. Some models have good resale value and are easy to negotiate, but others are real challenges for sellers. And it is exactly in these cases that the customer can expect a smaller offer.

One option is to leave your car in the store on a payroll basis. So someone sells the car and you pay a fee later. But be aware that very low rates and promised values ​​above the table are usually indications that something is wrong. Try to get as much information about the store as possible before leaving your vehicle there.


If selling at a store or car park is faster, selling privately requires much more time and patience. You need to prepare your car to be sold (no one will want to look at a dirty or scratched and crumpled model), choose the selling method and then get the various interested parties to negotiate.

But that’s where the bright side comes in, because the final value is usually much higher. Negotiating based on the table becomes much easier, in addition to the fact that you will be in control of the situation and can more clearly expose the positive points of the car you cared for.

But what if I decide to sell privately, what steps should I take to make sure I get the best value possible?

As stated above, it takes time and patience. Meticulously following a few steps will give you more value in selling and give you the experience of buying a vehicle in the future (who knows how to sell, how to buy). Here are some of the most important steps when selling your vehicle:


Assuming you were the potential buyer, under what conditions would you like to find that product? The answer is obvious. So invest in good cleaning and polishing the bodywork, which will give the vehicle a totally different look. Also be sure to sanitize the interior, paying special attention to the seats.

If the car has a dent or needs other minor repairs, make some budgets and invest in it. One point that many buyers will look at is engine cleaning. Although it is delicate and requires someone who really knows how to do the job, it can also avoid problems when showing the vehicle to interested parties. And keep your car as close to originality as possible. As much as you like some accessory, the buyer may not be looking for something like that.


If you want to increase the chances of selling your car, make potential buyers feel safe. That’s why it’s important to have a good track record, including purchase and any service invoices, proof of revisions, and so on. Also, having the spare key is always good.


There are several ways to sell a car. Of all, the most sought after are online ads, because with them you reach a much larger group of stakeholders. But that won’t have any effect if you don’t make a correct ad that really catches your eye.

Look for any template on some great classifieds site and you will see how amazing the number of badly done ads are. And the main errors occur in the photos and the description. In the case of images, they should have good lighting (never put dark or very light photos) and show everything that really matters to the buyer.

Try to post between 3 and 6 photos showing the front, side and rear of the car, as well as the entire dashboard at an open angle. In addition, you can also show the seats, the space in the trunk, the tire condition and the engine. But beware, as many photos can have the opposite effect.

In the description, talk about all the qualities of the car and make sure you enter the correct version, mileage and price information. To get a base on the amount you’re asking for, look through well-known tables like FIPE and take a look at what other sellers with a model like yours are asking for in your area. Do not forget to mention anything that highlights the other ads. Value your product!


This is the part that requires the most patience, as it may take you months to sell your vehicle. Even so, welcome anyone interested in education. Don’t forget to make a specific appointment, as this will give you time to clean up the vehicle before the person arrives.

Also, always worry about safety. It is best to set a public place for the meeting, so you do not expose yourself to receive strangers in your home. And if the person shows the least interest, leave the door open for keeping in touch and answering any questions they have.


If all goes well and you accept a proposal, be careful. Do not accept payment by cash or check, but try to do everything through the bank. And don’t forget to fill out the registration certificate with the new buyer details, sending a copy to Detran, thus avoiding any headache with fines or other future problems.

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