Change wheel bearings – how it works!

Wheel bearings are one of the safety-relevant components in a vehicle and ensure the low-friction rotation of the wheels. In addition, however, the wheel bearing sets are subjected to heavy loads on every journey, since they not only ensure the drive, but also have to absorb the combination of forces from vehicle mass, acceleration and the shocks that occur. For this reason, wheel bearings are regularly damaged and must therefore be replaced.

The wheel bearing: important for every vehicle

Since the wheel bearings have to absorb and balance an enormous amount of force , these are of crucial importance for safe travel. A defect can very quickly severely restrict the vehicle’s traffic safety and should therefore be remedied quickly.

So if you see signs of a defective wheel bearing kit , you should not drive this vehicle without a repair if possible. It is therefore important to quickly find the right spare parts and then carry out the exchange. In addition, the onward journey can result in significantly higher costs , since other parts of the vehicle are affected.

The wheel hub is often damaged , which must then also be replaced. This significantly increases the cost of the repair.

This is how you recognize damage

Damage to the wheel bearing can be easily identified . Because there are some signs that you might notice while driving. There is also another sign. Since a defective wheel bearingsignificantly increasesthe resistance of the tire , the consumption of the vehicle also increases significantly. So if you don’t notice the other characters, for example due to the volume of the radio, you should be puzzled as the consumption increases and check the wheel bearing.

The main signs of a defective part follow:

1. Depending on the steering angle, you will hear a hum when cornering.
2. The wheel bearing buzzes clearly audible in certain speed ranges.
3. A slight play is noticeable when the tire wobbles.
4. The affected wheel turns with increased resistance and grinds.
5. Jack up the vehicle. The affected wheel is very difficult to turn and under noise.
6. You can determine the bearing play on the wheel on the jacked-up vehicle.

This is how a wheel bearing is constructed

  • The wheel bearing is one of the most stressed parts on the vehicle. It lies directly on the wheel hub and ensures that the wheels run freely.
  • In addition, the wheel bearing absorbs and absorbs the forces that act directly on the wheels .
  • As a rule, so-called roller bearings are used today. These include ball and cylindrical roller bearings.
  • The so-called rolling elements are located between two rings and are held in place by means of a cage.
  • Lubricating oil between the individual components ensures lower rolling resistance. If there is wear or a defect, this lubricant usually escapes.
  • The rolling resistance increases significantly and in the worst case the wheel bearing can overheat and seize.

For this reason, it is important to check this component regularly and replace it at the first sign of wear.

As with all safety-relevant parts of the vehicle, there is always the question of whether the replacement or repair should be carried out in-house or by a specialist workshop.

In the case of the wheel bearing set, one has to say that the exchange in itself is not particularly difficult. If you have already worked on your vehicle, you can usually easily carry out the replacement yourself.

However, if you do not have the necessary tools or do not have the option to carry out the change yourself, you can also contact a suitable specialist workshop. The change in a workshop is usually completed within 30 minutes , so you do not have to expect too high a bill. If possible and desired, you can also carry out the change yourself . Depending on the equipment in your own workshop, this does not take much longer.

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